Cycle Leg
_DSC0324You will cycle out of Mansfield and spend the next few hours on country roads, the first section towards Jamieson can be a busy road with little shoulder for cyclists, we encourage you to ride single file once you have spread out. The section from Jamieson to Eildon is quite remote with some good climbs, it’s important to take care as you enter Eildon and the transition area to the kayak leg with a few turns on the outskirts of town.

The roads are open to normal traffic and you must ride as close to the left as possible. Normal road rules apply so you can ride no more than two abreast but only single file if the white line is continuous. The turns are right hand turns which means slowing down and waiting for any oncoming traffic, please obey normal road rules and any directions given to you by our course marshalls.

Always be alert to surrounding traffic, other participants, road conditions e.g. potholes or obstructions such as small branches.

Any bike is fine, but do yourself a favour and use a recently serviced road bike, the ride is tough enough as it is, don’t make it any harder than it needs to be.

You must wear a helmet, if you forget it, you won’t be able to start the event. We will be starting the cycle in waves and you can draft with others in your wave (you will be in the same category). Given the road is open to traffic you are encouraged to ride single file, only two abreast when there is a shoulder for cyclists.

Kayak Leg
KVC 151
Lake Eildon is a big lake and you will be at the mercy of the wind, rain, other participants and recreational vessels. We encourage everyone to use a sit on top boat, this means you will be able to jump back on if you happen to fall out. If you are proficient in a K1 and happy to have a swim if you do fall out, that’s up to you, but we would advise against it. Choose a sit on top boat that you feel comfortable in. The course goes close to the bank at points but at other points you can be a fair distance from the shore. We will have safety boats out to help if necessary.

You must wear a PFD, just like if you forget your bike helmet you have to beg everyone until you find one or not compete. If you need to hire a kayak, paddle or PFD you can do so from Vigor Kayaking.

IMG_1185Run Leg
The run is relatively flat and on a rail trail. You’ll still need good quality shoes to get you comfortably through the distance. Also choose comfortable running shorts and top that won’t get too heavy, cause chaffing or make you cold if you’re wet. Bring multiple tops and decide late as you never know what the weather will do!

Carrying water is not compulsory, but there will only be limited water out on the course so we recommend you take some in a water running belt or camel back. This is especially important if you’re competing solo, you will need to keep drinking as this is the last leg of the race. If it is over 20 degrees we strongly recommend everyone carries water.

The Event

Remember this event is designed to be a ‘fun’ challenge, the camaraderie in a unique multi-sport event like this is rare and the reason why many people do these sort of events. If you have the right gear you’ll make your day a lot easier. If a fellow participant is in trouble, please help them out. As soon as a non-participant is there to assist, you can continue on your way to glory at the finish line!